Top Things to Do in Dubai

Top Things to Do in Dubai

Top Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. It beats other famous tourist destinations by a long mile. It has been ranked as the fourth most visited city in the whole world in 2017. This wonderful city acquired attention of almost 15.79 million people in 2017.

There is a reason why the numbers speak for themselves. You find almost everything in this particular destination whether it is the mind-blowing architectures, fun-filled theme parks, exciting beaches and not to mention, some of the most striking land marks in the world.

If you’re planning to travel to UAE this time of the year, here are some of the top things to do in Dubai;

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Dubai - Came Ride Dubai

Sandwiched between the far stretched lands of Persian Gulf and the worldly famous Jumeirah Beach, is the stunning Burj Al Arab. It has been known as the pinnacle of architecture since 1999, when it was built.

This luxurious work of art is built by curved glass façade shaped like water ways. It’s ravishing style and astonishing height makes it one of the tallest hotels in the world.
It not only has fancy outer appearance but the inner designing in this beauty is something not short of extraordinary with its revolving beds that are offered in some suites. A helipad to facilitate you if you’re traveling by air.

Yes, we know.

You’re eager to see this magnificent building standing 600 feet high in the sky.

Here’s the good news; you don’t need to book a room to visit this beautiful place from the inside instead you can simply make reservations in one of the restaurants that Burj Al Arab holds.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa - Camel Ride Dubai

Do you know the structure that holds the title of ‘world’s largest building’?

Yes, you’ve guessed it right!

Burj Khalifa stands at whooping height of 2,722 feet in the sky. Since, the rumors about constructing the tallest building in the world started spreading, technical specialists around the globe started questioning its possibility.


with determination and exquisite engineering, it came into existence as the only tallest free standing
Burj Khalifa holds breath-taking views from up top as it has the highest outdoor observation deck in the world. As a visitor you can go up to 124th floor where you will see outrageous views of the city.

Although tourists from all around the world come to visit Burj Khalifa but still the opinions of many are not so friendly as they think that it is overpriced.


If you’re traveling to UAE for the first time, you should definitely add this in your things to do in Dubai list.

Bastakiya Quarter

Bastakiya Quarter - Camel Ride Dubai
As much as Dubai is known for its lustrous skyline and sights, there is a whole different side of Dubai that visitors from all around the world travel to see.

Bastakiya Quarter holds the historical preservations within its premises which include; wind towers, Dubai Museum and much more. Apart from the historical places, there are cafes and traditional tea houses that serve you with marvelous Arabic tea.


Bastakiya Quarter takes you on a ride in the times when Dubai was still one of the cities that were developing. The ravishing buildings that you see today were not present at that time.
IMG World of Adventures

A world of adventures that leaves you with nothing to spare is the mind-blowing IMG world of adventures. It is the one of the largest theme parks in the world that can accommodate more than 20,000 guests in a single day. This marvelous park includes in the 22 rides and attractions for the guests to cherish.

A day spent with our childhood heroes is going to be a memorable day in your travel diaries.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Wild Wadi Waterpark - Camel Ride Dubai
Another way to beat the heat this summer, is a trip to Wild Wadi Waterpark which is located right at the bottom of the majestic Burj Al Arab.

Wild Wadi Waterpark holds 30 breathtaking water rides and play areas (as if its existence near Burj Al Arab wasn’t enough). Wild Wadi Waterpark is built on the inspirational character of Juha from Arabian folklore.

There are numerous rides that make your heart beat faster such as Tantrum Alley and the marvelous Burj Surj. Adding a trip to Wild Wadi Waterpark in your things to do in Dubai is a great way of turning your ordinary day into an extraordinary one.


Get a relief from the summer wave with a bit of coolness in this amazing place.

Book Wild Wadi Water Park

Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari - Camel Ride Dubai
Are you looking to take a detour away from the urban side of Dubai?

If yes,

then jot down the desert tour in your things to do in Dubai, as you go on a journey of exploring the desert areas. We’re not through yet, as along with mesmerizing sights you get to enjoy adventures such as sand boarding, traversing the long miles of desert riding a camel or going dune bashing in a 4×4 Toyota SUV Land Cruiser accompanied by a professional safari licensed.

Book Morning Desert Safari

VIP Desert Safari

vip desert safari dubai -Camel Ride Dubai
Arabs believe desert to be the heart and soul of their country, as the tourists leave with an unforgettable and unique experience of desert that lasts forever in their memories. Travelers who are in the mood for a celebrity like treatment, have their prayers answered because this trip is going to fulfill your dreams like never before.

Relish the tranquility of desert in a royal style.

Book VIP Desert Safari

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is located at a walking distance from the mighty Burj Al Arab.

It is one of the favorite sun-bathing spots for tourists around the world as it offers scenic view as well as adventurous activities on the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf. After spending time in the sun, cool down in the cafes located near the beach.

Add Jumeirah beach in your things to do in Dubai if you want to enjoy the sound of waves with a bit of sun while you sip a refreshing drink to keep yourself hydrated.

Take your Romantic Partner on a Helicopter Tour

camel Ride Dubai Helicopter Tour

You must have never seen Dubai from an aerial view, it is amazing. Even if you have, taking your partner to see one, is going to be one of the most romantic things you could do to make the day special for them. Regardless of what the occasion is, it is going to be a mesmerizing trip for both of you.

All in all,

Dubai is a wonderful city where luxury is defined at its best. From record-breaking architectures to alluring sights and fun activities, a trip to Dubai is everything you can ask for, in a vacation tour. So, jot down the above amazing things to do in Dubai as you go on an experience of a lifetime in this city of wonders.

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